The 1.0/2.3 connector series was introduced by the European telecommunications market in the 1990s. The compact design permits dense connector packing and makes them ideal solutions to applications where space limitation is a factor.

DIN 1.0/2.3 connectors are available to perform at 50 Ω with a maximum frequency of 10 GHz as well as 75 Ω with a maximum frequency of 4 GHz. These performance specifications support high data rates for AES Audio, SD video, HD video, 3Gb/s video, and other high density digital broadcast formats. The DIN 1.0/2.3 connector series complies with DIN 41626, DIN 47297, and NFC 93-571 international specifications.

The Amphenol version features a patented ultra-slim push-pull coupling system which allows quick installation and ensures positive locking and high retention. 


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Features and Benefits


  • Push-pull coupling with patented locking mechanism allows quick installation and will not disconnect during trouble shooting like competitor’s products
  • Push-pull coupling with patented locking mechanism focuses on safety. It will not vibrate loose, whereas threaded connectors are prone to vibrate loose
  • 1.0/2.3 connectors are able to be densely packed, saving panel space in components that are decreasing in size
  • Standard crimp tooling can be used to terminate crimp versions




  • Base Stations
  • Data Communications
  • Telecom/ Central Office
  • Routers
  • Filters & Wireless Components
  • Switching Equipment 
  • Video Processors
  • Encoders


1.0/2.3 Connectors Specifications


Impedance 50 & 75 Ohm
Frequency Range DC-10 GHz (50 Ohm)
  DC-3 GHz, extended range to 4 GHz (75 Ohm)
Voltage Rating 250 Volts peak
Insulation Resistance 10000 M
Contact Resistance  
  Center Conductor 6 mΩ
  Outer Conductor 3 mΩ
Temperature Range -40⁰C to +155⁰C

Mating Slide-On Push-Pull Threaded
Cable Affixment (Braid or Jacket) Hex crimp
Cable Affixment (Center Conductor) Crimp or solder
Captivated Contacts All crimps
Connector Durability 500 matings

 These characteristics are typical and may not apply to all connectors.