Enabling The Internet Of Things

RF Interconnect Solutions

  • Smart Cities

    The world’s cities are becoming smarter with devices that monitor everything from pollution levels to the efficiency of our energy production systems. Data is collected and used to make everyday life a little better for inhabitants.


    • Smart Street Lighting

    • Smart Parking

    • Environmental Monitoring

    • Information Beacons

    • Active Safety
    • Shared Transportation

    • Waste Collection
 Energy Management and Monitoring
  • Industry 4.0

    Factories connected to the cloud via an array of industrial sensors are becoming commonplace. Plant managers can view real time data which can be used to make critical decisions, dramatically increasing productivity and efficiency.


    • System-Wide Availability

    • Product Automation

    • Predictive Preventative Maintenance

    • Global Supply Chain Integration

    • Human-Machine Collaboration

    • Mass Customization

    • Business Model Execution

  • Smart Agriculture

    The farming industry has started to adopt a technology-savvy approach to managing all aspects of the agricultural ecosystem. These advances streamline the decision making process through the use of management information systems, precision agriculture, and agricultural automation and robotics.


    • Connected Equipment

    • Drones/Robotics
    • Asset/Lifestock Tracking

    • Sensor Hardware

    • Irrigation and Water Supply Management
  • Connected Cars

    Today's automobile comes equipped with wireless connectivity powered by the latest advances in RF technology. Connected cars utilize on-board sensors to communicate with other vehicles, devices and networks.


    • LiDAR
    • Cameras
    • Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Radar

    • Ultrasonic Sensors

    • Advanced ECUs

    • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    • Vehicle to Vehicle/Infrastructure (V2X) Communication

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