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  • Smart Lighting RF Solutions

    Thank you Mr. Edison, but we’ll take it from here

    Since the first commercialized incandescent light bulb was invented in the 1800s, lighting has remained largely unchanged.  Recently, wireless technology has made lighting the next revolutionizing ‘smart’ technology. "Smart lighting" is the catch all term for lighting technology designed for energy efficiency and aims to reduce electrical energy consumption, as well as, minimize energy waste.  This technology includes automated lighting, wireless control systems, light sensing systems, and remote monitoring controls. That is where Amphenol RF come in.


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    Don’t be left in the dark

    Smart lighting is a high growth global opportunity with many market segments reaping in the benefits and cost savings of this innovative technology. Smart lighting applications are utilized in: commercial buildings, warehouses, municipal street lighting systems, parking garages, and residential homes.  Upward of 20% of the electricity in the world is used simply to keep the lights on.  Smart lighting can reduce electricity used by 75-90%, significantly reducing the strain on our infrastructure.  It is expected that the wireless lighting control market will double in the next six years.


    Let Amphenol RF help light the way

    RF connectors, adapters and cable assemblies are imperative for creating the wireless control system for smart lighting applications. All lighting must be connected to a wireless network which allows the light system to be controlled by wall switches, remote controls or even internet connected devices. RF components are seen within the bulbs, controls, and gateway coordinators to create a wireless light network.

    RF interconnects are an integral part of smart lighting technology, and Amphenol RF offers the largest selection of RF interconnect products to complete your networked lighting solutions. We offer IP67 rated solutions for outdoor and harsh environments, as well as low cost solutions for non-rugged use. Our full range of standard and customizable connectors, adapters and cable assemblies are an ideal RF solutions for your smart lighting application.

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  • Non-Magnetic Connectors a Solution for the Medical Market

    Why the need for Non-Magnetic Connectors

    Non-magnetic coaxial connectors are used for carrying 50 Ω RF signals within the magnetic field of MRI equipment where a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) is required.  MRI equipment is typically found within the medical market. Safety becomes a major concern because where extreme magnetism is present, even a small amount of magnetic response can cause catastrophic failures and injuries within this application.  These non-magnetic connectors are engineered specifically for this application. By utilizing and controlling the amount of effect magnetic flux has on the connector, allows the equipment to function safely and effectively.  

    Magnetism is an electromagnetic phenomenon that can be created by either a magnetic material or by an electrical current creating a magnetic field.  MRI machines are designed to stimulate hydrogen atoms in a person’s body through an oscillating magnetic field. The RF signals are extremely weak and the equipment must be very sensitive to pick them up, so the components cannot be electrically affected by the magnetic fields.  The magnetic fields created are extremely strong.  On occasion people are injured by either flying metal objects that are accidentally left in the same room as the machine or if the patient has any metal within their bodies.  It is crucial that the components of the machine itself are not physically affected by the magnetic forces created.  

    MRI Machine

    How Amphenol RF manufactures non-magnetic connectors

    Non-magnetic connectors are not made with typical connector materials.  Most RF connectors are made of brass or stainless steel, which have trace amounts of iron, making them magnetic.  They might not stick to the door of your refrigerator, but in an MRI machine they will not function properly.  The requirements for low levels of magnetism needed for use in a MRI machine are very strict.  In order to be manufacturable, be plated, be economical, meet RF performance and meet the magnetism specifications; the application requires non-magnetic materials.  For over 5 years, Amphenol RF has been manufacturing non-magnetic connectors by utilizing Berrylium Copper (BeCu), which is an extremely low magnetic flux material. Amphenol's non-magnetic connectors have replaced all of the metallic components with BeCu.  Within this RF connector components made of metallic materials are also plated with white bronze and/or gold to comply with the magnetism specifications.


    Due to the critical nature of this application, Amphenol RF's non-magnetic connectors are manufactured under strict quality procedures to ensure that each connector will not produce image artifacts during MRI scans. All products are 100% tested for magnetism prior to shipping and are available in the following interfaces: SMBMCXand MMCX. All products are 100% tested for magnetic permeability in our incoming raw material inspection, after machining and the incoming inspection of plated components.


    For more information on this line of connectors please contact us. Stay tuned for the next blog post.



    Danbury, CT – Amphenol RF is pleased to add an addition to their pre-configured fixed length RF cable assembly line to include standard metric lengths. These assemblies are ideal for a variety of commercial and industrial applications that require standard configurations or lengths.

    The pre-configured metric assemblies feature gold and nickel plated Amphenol RF connectors. They are available with straight plugs, right angle plugs and bulkhead jacks as well as a variety of popular configurations; BNC, SMA, SMB and between series. Extended lengths are also available. Flexible cable types for these assemblies include RG-316, RG-316 Double Braided, RG-58, RG-59, RG-174. Conformable semi-rigid options include both 0.085” and 0.141” diameter cables. All components are RoHS compliant.



    Danbury, CT –Amphenol RF, the premier global RF solutions provider, is pleased to announce the release of a complete line of Low-PIM tested Mini-DIN adapters for use in wireless applications.

    The Amphenol RF line of Low PIM Mini-DIN, or 4.1/9.5, adapters are ideal for wireless applications requiring consistent electrical performance, low return loss and low IMD. This series has been engineered to exceed wireless industry performance standards and to match the physical performance expectations of its larger predecessor, the 7/16 connector.

    The 4.1/9.5 adapters are available with Type-N and 7/16 DIN connector interfaces. These coaxial adapters feature precision machined brass bodies and contacts. Bodies are plated with white bronze offering the same Low PIM performance as silver without fear of tarnishing. Contacts are either white bronze or silver plated.

    For more information about Passive Intermodulation Distortion in RF connectors and how to combat it, please download the Amphenol RF white paper.



    Re-engineered edge mount SMA connectors to ensure contact stability and to improve electrical performance from DC to 18GHz.

    Danbury, CT – Amphenol RF is pleased to announce the release of new and improved versions of our end launch SMA connectors. We've re-engineered our popular edge mount SMA connectors to ensure contact stability and to improve electrical performance from DC to 18GHz. Edge mount SMA and RP-SMA connectors are ideal for use on semiconductor evaluation and demo boards and in high frequency space-limited applications.

    Our edge mount SMA connectors feature gold plated bodies, precision machined from brass. Dielectrics are PTFE. Male contacts are machined from brass. Female contacts are machined from Beryllium Copper. All contacts are plated with cost saving gold over high-phosphorous nickel plating ensuring a durability of 500 mating cycles minimum.

    End launch SMA connectors are available for varying PCB thicknesses and with either round post or flat-tab contacts. Plug, jack and bulkhead jack body styles are available along with RP-SMA versions.



    ARC was developed for the Industrial, Military, Wireless, Public Safety, Transportation and other outdoor and harsh environment applications.

    Danbury, CT – Amphenol RF, the premier global RF solutions provider, has released a new line of Rugged Connectors (ARC) for the Industrial, Military, Wireless, Public Safety, Transportation and other outdoor and harsh environment applications.

    Amphenol RF's ARC line of rugged connectors are IP67 rated and engineered to perform under the harshest conditions. The series is developed to withstand corrosion from natural elements and manmade chemicals providing years of reliable service. The ARC line's superior design and manufacturing techniques allow these jacks and plugs to be fully submersible and impenetrable to fluids in mated and unmated conditions, even when subjected to extreme changes in temperature and humidity.

    The ARC line is available in TNC, N-Type and SMA interfaces with Standard and Reverse Polarity options. Cable jacks and plugs are available in Straight, Right Angle and Bulkhead configurations to fit to various outdoor installation requirements.



    Danbury, CT – Amphenol RF, the premier global RF solutions provider, has released a new line pre-configured N-Type RF cable assemblies. Featuring precision machined and weatherproof N-Type male connectors, the RF cable assemblies are ideal for outdoor wireless and broadband applications requiring stable performance up to 11GHz (varies by cable type).

    N-Type RF cable assemblies feature Nexcote (white bronze) plated N-Type male plugs terminated to industry standard coaxial cable types. Flexible cable types include RG-58 and RG-142. Low loss cable types, including LMR-195, LMR-200, LMR-240 and LMR-400 are also available. For high-frequency applications, beyond 6 GHz, conformable (hand-formable) semi-rigid cable options are available. 0.085 inch (RG-405) and 0.141 inch (RG-402) diameter cables can be ordered from distributor inventory. Cable assemblies are stocked in standard lengths from 3 inches to 48 inches. Custom RF cable assemblies can be ordered from the factory.



    Danbury, CT – Amphenol RF is proud to release a comprehensive line of 1.0/2.3 DIN connectors ideal for use in HD/SDI 3 Gb/s video applications. DIN plugs feature an innovative push-pull coupling mechanism that allows for quick and easy mating and un-mating.

    Amphenol RF's DIN connectors feature a precision machined, nickel plated brass body. Inner and outer contacts feature gold over nickel plating and are designed to withstand a minimum of 500 mating cycles. The 3-piece crimp/crimp design utilized standard, readily available crimp tooling often used to crimp high-performance true-75 ohm BNC connectors. Connectors are available for a wide variety of common cables used within the broadcast industry. Hand crimp tooling, die sets and plug removal tools are available.



    Danbury, CT – Amphenol RF is pleased to announce the release of a new high performance BNC end launch bulkhead receptacle ideal for broadcast and audio/video applications. The connector offers excellent performance and features a low-profile design saving valuable panel real estate.

    The connector is precision machined from brass and features a durable PTFE insulator supporting temperatures up to 260 degrees Celsius. The standard body plating is gold flash, however nickel plating is available as a cost saving alternative. The connector achieves a return loss of better than -35dB at 3GHz. The recommended PCB thickness is 0.062". Other options are available, please consult the factory.

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