The C Type series is a weatherproof medium size series. The series features a coupling two-stud bayonet lock.It has a constant 50 Ω impedance and performs up to 11 GHz. However, it may be used with 75 Ω cable at lower frequencies (below 300 MHz).


 Features and Benefits

  • Two-stud bayonet lock for quick and easy coupling
  • All C-Type connectors are weatherproof


  • Instrumentation
  • Mil-Aero
  • Industrial

C-Type Specifications

Impedance 50 Ohm constant
Frequency Range 0-11 GHz, 1500 V typ.
Voltage Rating 1500 volts peak, std
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage  3000 VRMS
VSWR 1500 volt type; 1.35 max to 11 GHz max. 2 Amps current @ 100 MHz @ 1500 volts peak


Temperature Range -65⁰C to +165⁰C
Weatherproof Except as noted, all C series connectors are weatherproof
Hermetic Seals Pass helium leak test of 2x10-8 c/sec
Pressurized Compression seal


Mating 2-stud bayonet lock
Cable Affixment Braid clamp

These characteristics are typical and may not apply to all connectors.

Interface Dimensions