RF Antennas

RF Antennas

Radio frequency antennas are designed to send and receive RF signals. They are made to mate with RF connector interfaces or to be mounted directly to a PCB and come in various internal and external configurations.

Amphenol’s Off-The-Shelf (OTS) antenna portfolio provides a wide range of embedded, internal and external antennas - including Cellular, Wi-Fi, GNSS, BT/BLE, LoRa, UWB, WLC, and NFC antennas. These antennas are specially designed for IoT devices, are easy to implement, and provide high efficiency and performance. RF antennas are available in several configurations, with options for the number and range of frequency bands, antenna construction, and RF connector mating interfaces.

Embedded Antennas

Any type of antenna that is surface mounted on the PCB is known as an embedded antenna. The most common antenna types are ceramic chip antennas, composite material chip antennas, and sheet metal antennas. The antenna design is often monopole, loop, IFA, or PIFA antennas. Embedded antennas are ideal for wireless modules, routers and gateways, payment terminals, and other miniaturized applications.


Internal Antennas

Internal antennas are assembled or mounted inside a device but are not surface mounted directly to a PCB. Flexible and PCB antennas terminated to cable with an RF connector on the other end are the most common configuration. Internal antennas typically have a dipole design. Internal antennas can be used when there is room to mount a flexible pad to the inside surface of an application case. Common uses for internal antennas include tablets, autonomous or robotic appliances, and portable entertainment devices.


External Antennas

External antennas are usually mounted on the outside of a device by means of an RF connector interface. They are made for indoor and outdoor use, with robust designs available for harsher environments. External antennas can be monopole or dipole designs and are typically used for higher power transmission and reception. External antennas can also have hinge or swivel features and are often seen on handheld radios, routers, and security cameras.

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