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    SMA to AMC4

    Amphenol RF is excited to introduce the small form factor AMC4 connector as part of an SMA cable assembly line. This assembly features the popular SMA bulkhead jack connector and the newly minted AMC4 plug connector on 1.13mm cable. The SMA to AMC4 cable assembly is ideal for IoT applications which require space efficient, economical designs.

    These SMA to AMC4 cable assemblies offer excellent electrical performance from DC to 6 GHz and operate at 50 ohms. The new configuration is available in straight jack to right-angle plug and in standard metric lengths of 0.05, 0.10, 0.15, 0.20, 0.25, and 0.30. Custom lengths are available upon request.

    The AMC4 connector is currently the smallest connector in the Amphenol RF portfolio. It shares a similar footprint with the previously released AMMC connector and offers all the same benefits as the AMC interface, but in a more compact package size. This 50 ohm connector offers excellent electrical performance from DC to 6 GHz and is interchangeable with both the I-PEX MHF4 and Murata HSC connectors. The stand-alone version of the AMC4 connector will be available shortly.


    HD-EFI Adapters.jpg

    Amphenol RF introduces SMA adapters to new 50 ohm product seriesdesigned to integrate HD-EFI into new applications.

    Amphenol RF expands its newly developed HD-EFI product line to include adapters. These HD-EFI to SMA adapters offer additional convenience for customers allowing them to seamlessly transition to this 50 ohm micro-miniature interface.

    HD-EFI adapters are available in smooth bore and limited detent jack, and straight plug configurations. They are designed for excellent mechanical and electrical performance up to 6 GHz with machined brass bodies and gold plated, beryllium copper contacts.

    The HD-EFI series is ideal for blind-mate situations and mating multiple RF lines between printed circuit boards. These connectors are designed specifically to maximize radial and axial float in board to board applications.

    For additional product information: HD-EFI Product Series Cut Sheet


    12G SDI PCB Jack

    Product line expansion offers customers more options with alternate PCB mounting designs and sealed solutions.

    Amphenol RF is pleased to introduce additional HD-BNC jacks to its already extensive line of 12G products. These products are aimed to support the rapidly growing need for faster processing and more space-conscious broadcast solutions.

    The extended line of HD-BNC Jacks includes PCB and cable mount products in the straight configuration. These 75 ohm 12G-SDI connectors are designed to perform at frequencies up to 18 GHz with the familiar BNC bayonet coupling mechanism, a feature popular with engineers and application designers.

    The new HD-BNC straight crimp cable jack is designed to interact with Belden 4855R and 1855A cables, and has an IP-67 sealed interface. Connector housings are made from machined brass, with beryllium copper outer contacts for secure mating. Jack bodies are designed in plated gold for solderability with center contacts plated gold for maximum electrical performance.

    These 12G products have a variety of applications including remote viewing, digital signage and mobile broadcasting.


    TNC Connectors

    Redesigned connectors optimized for Low Loss 195 & 240 cable feature improved grounding features ensuring consistent electrical performance from DC to 6 GHz

    Amphenol RF is pleased to introduce a selection of redesigned TNC connectors optimized for use with Low Loss 195 and 240 cables.  Low Loss cables provide enhanced shielding with a bonded foil construction ensuring 100% coverage.  The connectors feature a nominal impedance of 50 ohms and offer low return loss from DC to 6 GHz.

    The new TNC connectors are available in straight jack, bulkhead jack, straight plug and right angle plug configurations. All designs feature a crimp termination, allowing for quick and secure assembly, and require standard hex crimp tooling.  The redesigned TNC connectors provide consistent electrical performance at high frequencies and feature improved grounding for more stable RF performance.

    Amphenol RF’s TNC connectors optimized for Low Loss cables are ideal for applications requiring high reliability and low signal loss.  TNC connectors can also be found in various industrial, wireless, and broadband solutions.

    For more information: TNC Connectors Optimized for Low Loss Cable



    Amphenol RF’s HD-EFI product series is designed to maximize radial and axial float in board-to-board applications.

    Amphenol RF is proud to release its newly developed HD-EFI product line. This 50 ohm micro-miniature interface is ideal for blind-mate situations and mating multiple RF lines between printed circuit boards. These connectors are designed specifically to maximize radial and axial float in board to board applications.

    HD-EFI PCB jacks are available in through-hole, surface mount, and edge launch designs. The three-piece mating system uses a limited detent and a smooth bore PCB connector, joined by a floating bullet adapter in between. The generous gathering cone and unique bullet design allows for 1.4mm of axial float, and 1.4mm of radial float, with a maximum float angle of 5 degrees.

    These 50 ohm products have an operating frequency of DC to 6 GHz, making them ideal for high-performance applications with a small package size. The selection of PCB mounts and bullet lengths offer versatility for board launches and PCB stacking configurations.

    HD-EFI bullet adapters are uniquely designed to provide a crash-proof mating, facilitated by the extension of the insulator beyond the adapter body. Used in conjunction with the smooth bore connectors, the mating system allows for easy alignment and a secure connection.

    For more information: HD-EFI Connector Series


    ARF_Connected Cars

    Amphenol RF releases technical paper focusing on products relating to connected car infrastructure

    Amphenol RF is pleased to announce the release of its connected car focused white paper titled, “The Connector Car Market: Amphenol RF Solutions.” This technical paper explores the emerging automotive sub-market and covers relevant products that meet the needs of these applications.

    As technology becomes more integrated within vehicles, Amphenol RF radio frequency connectors, coaxial adapters, and cable assemblies play an integral role within the infrastructure. Popular applications which include are products are those such as Advanced Driver Assistant Systems (ADAS), 360-degree cameras, infotainment, GPS, In-Vehicle Wi-Fi and a variety of others.

    The white paper covers:

    • The evolution of the automobile industry
    • An overview of the connected cars sub-market
    • Elements of the connected car
    • Amphenol RF Solutions
    • Variations of the industry standard FAKRA connector

    This white paper can be downloaded for free at



    FAKRA to AMC cable assemblies offer a space saving solution for automotive and IoT applications.

    Amphenol RF is proud to introduce a line of fixed length FAKRA to AMC cable assemblies. These assemblies feature two of our popular connector series on the ultra-flexible 1.37 mm coax cable and are ideal for automotive and IoT applications that require compact infrastructure.

    The fixed length FAKRA to AMC cable assembly combines the automotive industry standard FAKRA connector with the micro-miniature AMC connector which features a low profile and an extremely small board footprint. This combination allows for easy connect and disconnect, and offers color coding and available keying to prevent mis-mating during the installation process. The connectors can be terminated with any other AMC or similarly keyed FAKRA, respectively, and are IP67 rated when mounted for protection in case of temporary submersion. These cable assemblies are currently available in six different metric lengths. Additional lengths are available upon request.

    Automotive applications include dedicated short range communication (DSRC) such as V2X and V2V technology, 360-degree camera, and advanced driver assistance systems like rear/backup cameras. Within the IoT ecosystem, this cable assembly offers space saving solutions that make it a great option for back panels, smart boxes or modules, and remote control access, as well as, high volume cable harnesses and large multi-connector panels.


    SMA_End Launch_Plug

    High Frequency SMA Plug offers VSWR performance up to 26.5 GHz with optimized end launch design.

    Amphenol RF is pleased to introduce the addition of an end launch plug into its high-frequency SMA product line. Like the popular High-Frequency SMA End Launch Jacks, this Plug offers exceptional VSWR performance up to 26.5 GHz and features an optimized end launch design with traditional slide-on mounting legs. This 50 ohm connector makes an ideal PCB connector solution for high-frequency applications.

    The High-Frequency SMA End Launch Plug is precision machined with a brass body and beryllium copper contact, both of which are gold plated. It also features a PTFE insulator designed to withstand high temperatures.

    Amphenol’s High-Frequency SMA End Launch connector series includes through-hole and traditional edge-launch jack options for a variety of PCB thicknesses, in addition to captivated 0.010” and 0.015” diameter center contacts that will accommodate different substrate widths. Custom solutions are also available for optimization to customer-specific PCB launches. The High-Frequency SMA End Launch connectors are ideal for use in most microwave filter, cellular and broadband amplifier, and wireless infrastructure applications.

    For more information, please visit: SMA High-Frequency End Launch Connector Series


    Innovation Showcase

    The Innovation Showcase exhibits the collaborative efforts between Amphenol RF and our customers.

    Amphenol RF is proud to announce the launch of its Innovation Showcase, a look at customer-specific solutions designed by our global team of experienced engineers. The Innovation Showcase displays products developed through collaborative efforts with customers to solve problems that require custom solutions.

    The Innovation Showcase will serve as a dedicated platform updated regularly with examples of customer-specific solutions. Currently featured on this page is the AFI-Dart product series, a rectangular board-to-board connector system; Generation 4.0 FAKRA, a cost-effective interconnect solution for high volume applications; and the HSD to USB Adaptor, a panel mounted relay adapter that does not require jumper cables.

    Click here to learn more about our innovative capabilities:



    Amphenol RF interconnect solution provides high performance results without the need for expensive tooling.

    Amphenol RF is proud to introduce a field installable version of the popular Type-N connector optimized for LMR® 400 cable. This new connector provides the same high performance results as the rest of the product series, however, does not have the same costly installation requirements. The field installable Type-N connector can be terminated tool-free with no advanced skill set, saving both time and expense. This connector is ideal for a wide variety of applications including antennas, base stations, instrumentation and broadcast solutions.

    The field installable Type-N connector is a reliable option for use in less than ideal circumstances. Installation and removal of these connectors can be performed tool-free with no soldering or crimping required, dramatically reducing termination time and eliminating hazardous fumes and safety concerns.

    This 50 ohm connector operates at a frequency of DC to 6 GHz. It is also an IP-67 rated sealed solution (once mating occurs) which allows it to maintain performance in harsh conditions and in the case of temporary submergence.

    *LMR® is a registered trademark of Times Microwave.

    Learn More: Field Installable N-Type Connector Cut Sheet

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