RF Connectors

RF Connectors

Radio Frequency Coaxial Connectors Are Designed To Connect Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) And Cables To An External Antenna, Cameras, Sensors Or Other Devices.

RF connectors are commonly seen in wireless applications. Amphenol RF offers a broad variety of RF connector configurations in all industry standard and a number of proprietary interfaces. These connectors are ideal for use across various markets including broadcast, industrial and wireless infrastructure.

Selecting an RF Connector

When selecting an RF connector for a cable assembly or cable to board application, there are several characteristics to consider (Board-to-board solutions are also available):

Size and Mechanical Dimensions (Form Factor)

Possible size limitations of a connector can be driven by various factors within an application; space constraints, power handling requirements and even the connector’s ability to handle physical or environmental stress. Our most compact connector series requires less than 2mm x 2mm of PCB real estate. Our largest products are designed to support the high power needs of 5G wireless infrastructure. Select a form factor below to browse our products or visit RF Connectors by Size for additional details.

Ultra-Miniature | Micro Miniature | Sub Miniature | Miniature | Standard | Large Form Factor

Frequency Range

When selecting an RF connector, it’s imperative to choose a connector series that will support the frequency requirements of the application. The typical maximum frequency for each RF interface is listed on the connector series landing page and is consolidated on our Frequency Range Chart


The characteristic impedance of a connector should match the cable to which it’s terminated and/or the system in which it’s used. The majority of Amphenol RF’s connectors are designed with a characteristic impedance of 50 or 75 Ohms. Twinax connectors are 78 ohms while UHF connectors have a non-constant impedance. Browse our products:

50 Ohm | 75 Ohm | 78 Ohm | 100 Ohm | Non-Constant Impedance

Coupling Mechanism

Amphenol RF offers connectors that can be mated or secured together using different methods. The coupling mechanism varies by interface. Push-on connectors are ideal for high density applications where a tight pitch won’t permit external coupling nuts. Push-pull and quick-locking connectors are quick connect options that aren’t as easily unmated. Bayonet connectors mate with a ¼ turn of coupling nut. Threaded connectors, when mated properly are excellent for low-loss requirements and can provide additional environmental protection. Browse our products:

Bayonet | Push-On | Push-Pull | Quick Lock | Threaded


Amphenol RF connectors are suitable for a wide variety of applications to meet your design-specific requirements. Depending on the location of the end product or the intended usage, you may want to choose from a grouping of products that are pre-determined to meet the overall criteria for your design. For example, waterproof IP-rated connectors are engineered for applications that may be exposed to external elements whereas non-magnetic products are used mostly in medical applications.

Waterproof IP-Rated | Non-Magnetic | QPL Military Approved | 12G SDI Broadcast | Ruggedized | Board-to-Board | Low PIM | High-Frequency