The SSMB 50 Ohm connector is a small version of the standard SMB connector. Amphenol RF's SSMB series provides excellent electrical performance in a micro miniature footprint. While the snap-on mating interface allows quick installation and dense packaging, the excellent electrical performance of the SSMB series allows it to be used in many applications as an alternative to larger connectors like SMAs.

The SSMB is suitable for the standard ranges of flexible and semi rigid cables and is also available in PCB and panel mount versions.


Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight and space saving alternative to SMB
  • Snap-on interface for quick and easy installation
  • Gold plating is standard
  • 50 Ohm options available


  • Military
  • Instrumentation
  • PC/LAN
  • Wireless

SSMB Specifications

Impedance 50 Ohm
Frequency Range DC- 12.4 GHz
Straight DC- 3 GHz 1.05
Straight 3-6 GHz 1.12
RF Leakage -80 dB to 3 GHz (-70 dB to 6GHz)
Power Handling 125 W at 40⁰C
Temperature Range -65⁰C to +165⁰C
Engagement Force 25 N (5.6 lb) typical
Disengagement Force 20 N (4.5 lb) typical
Connector Durability 500 mating cycles min
These characteristics are typical and may not apply to all connectors.

Interface Dimensions