Custom Cable Assemblies

If you can't find what you are looking for from Amphenol RF’s line of preconfigured standard cable assemblies, we offer custom cable assemblies using standard RF cable and Amphenol RF connectors. Common reasons for creating custom cable assemblies include non-standard lengths, special labeling, testing, or packaging requirements.  A few of our custom solutions are shown below:



Ultimate in Customization

The customer is not bound to connectors, cables, or lengths only available in standard cable assembly configurations. Custom assemblies can be built with any connector on any cable to any length.

Development and Engineering Assistance

Do you have an idea of the assembly you need, but you don’t know how to make it a reality? Our dedicated and experienced sales and engineering team will work with you to create exactly the right assembly for the job.

Labeling and Packaging Personalization

We offer personalized labeling of assemblies, adding custom part numbers, company names, or any other notes the customer requires. Similarly, the packaging can be customized with customer specific labels or other special packaging requirements.

Quality and Convenience

Preassembled by our trained assembly technicians using state of the art equipment to ensure a quality product and eliminate the need to purchase specialized tooling and train labor for mating connectors to raw cable

Standards and Testing

Assemblies can be built to meet the most exacting customer standards and can be individually tested and validated for a variety of standard electrical and mechanical specifications.

Order Scheduling

We are able to work together with customers to develop an delivery schedule that gets assemblies to the customer when they are ready for them, helping to minimize excess inventory and to reduce warehousing space.

Global Manufacturing and Supply

Whether your production facility need your assemblies is in North America, Europe, or Asia, Amphenol RF has a number production facilities worldwide meet your cable assembly needs.

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