The automotive industry has been revolutionized with the increased adoption of telematics in vehicles including GPS, Cellular, Bluetooth Wi-Fi, and Satellite Radio. No longer are satellite navigation systems and sophisticated in-vehicle entertainment confined solely to the luxury end of the market. As telematic advancements become more reliable, available and inexpensive, vehicles are transforming into intelligent platforms for enabling mobile life. With these advancements in communications technology and increased consumer demand for a diverse array of on-board telematics services, RF communications systems have become integral components of today's automobiles.


Amphenol RFs industry leading product line meets both FAKRA and USCAR standards with such features as 12 different mechanical and color codes, plastic housing with locking feature and audible clicking noise, minimum of 100 mating cycles and a frequency range of DC to 6 GHz. These connectors are available in numerous configurations with straight, and right angle solutions for cable applications, as well as edge-launch and PCB designs. Additionally, they are usable on multiple coaxial cables (RG-58, RG-174, RG-316, RG-178 and other micro-cables).


  • Satellite Radio - The radio broadcast signal is beamed from earth-station antennas to broadcast satellites.
  • GPS (Global Positioning System) - A satellite navigation system that continuously provides location and time information.
  • Cellular / PCS - Short for personal communications service, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) term used to describe a set of digital cellular technologies being deployed in the U.S.
  • SMR - SMR (specialized mobile radio) - A dispatch radio and interconnect service for businesses. SMR covers frequencies in the 220 MHz, 800 MHz and 900 MHz bands.
  • DSRC - Dedicated Short Range Communications in environments requiring high data transfer rates with minimal latency.
  • Wi-Fi – is a local area wireless technology that allows an electronic device to exchange data or connect to the internet.
  • Bluetooth - A short-range radio technology aimed at simplifying communications between devices and the Internet.
  • Wireless Vehicle Controls - Remote starting, remote keyless entry and door/window controls.