Innovation Showcase

High-Tech Interconnect Solutions: From Concept to Reality

Amphenol RF offers innovative solutions to keep up with the evolving landscape of the technology industry. These customizable options allow our customers to work with experienced RF engineers to develop products that not only meet the requirements of any design but are cost-effective, as well. Amphenol RF is proud to showcase some of these exciting new products below.

    • AFI-Dart

      50 & 75 Ohm Rectangular Board-to-Board Connector System

    • Gen 4.0 FAKRA

      Cost Effective Interconnect Solution for High Volume Applications

    • HSD to USB Adapter

      Panel Mounted Relay Adapter without Jumper Cables

    • HD-EFI

      50 Ohm Micro-Minature Board-To-Board Solution With High Float Specifications

    • 2.2/5

      Compact Connector Series with Excellent Low PIM Performance for Wireless Infrastructure